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Central Presbyterian Church is a historic congregation on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City. Over the past decade, the church has experienced a time of renewal and flourishing and is currently home toa culturally diverse body of seasoned leaders, many families, and a dynamic body of students, young professionals, and artists. Central’s vision is to be a church that experiences the transformative power of the gospel and responds in reliance upon the Holy Spirit by following Jesus Christ in his mission to make all things new at Central, in New York City, and throughout the world.

Administrator, Resound Project

Founded in 2021 at Central Presbyterian Church, Resound Project seeks to strengthen new and existing churches in light of the changing cultural context so that the gospel of Jesus Christ might resound to the next generation. By supporting pastors, equipping churches, and engaging the culture, Resound Project intends to serve the broader church with the hope that the gospel can and does renew all things. Find out more at

Resound is seeking an Administrator who has a passion for serving the church and advancing the mission of Resound. The ideal candidate has administrative gifts and experience and is energized by the prospect of working within a new, mission-driven, and entrepreneurial organization in the heart of New York City. This newly-created position will play an integral role on Resound’s growing staff and work closely with the Executive Director and Program Director on both the daily operations and larger projects. This position is a Monday-Friday role with an option to work remotely one day per week.

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