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Central Presbyterian Church is a historic congregation on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City. Over the past decade, the church has experienced a time of renewal and flourishing and is currently home toa culturally diverse body of seasoned leaders, many families, and a dynamic body of students, young professionals, and artists. Central’s vision is to be a church that experiences the transformative power of the gospel and responds in reliance upon the Holy Spirit by following Jesus Christ in his mission to make all things new at Central, in New York City, and throughout the world.

Chief Operating Officer

Central Presbyterian Church is seeking an experienced, energetic, and skillful Chief Operating Officer who has a passion for serving the church and advancing the mission of both Central Church and its newly launched initiative, Resound Project. The preferred candidate has substantial senior leadership experience in corporate settings and possesses the relevant knowledge, drive, and judgment to plan and accomplish the strategic goals of a complex, multi-dimensional organization in a demanding, fast-paced environment. In addition, the ideal candidate possesses in-depth, hands-on entrepreneurial experience overseeing the development of a high-growth entity into a sizeable operation, having managed several critical inflection points during different phases of the entity’s history. Extensive knowledge of not-for-profit organizations through board or leadership experiences would be a plus.

The Chief Operating Officer will play a key leadership role in the execution and oversight of:

  • All operations of Central Church, subject to the guidance and direction of the Central Church Senior Pastor, with the goal that Central’s growing ministries will be properly executed and implemented, well-coordinated, and reasonably measured for effectiveness. 
  • The above to include Central’s Resound Project, subject to the guidance and direction of the Resound Project’s President, with the goal that Resound Project’s multi-faceted initiatives will be properly executed and implemented, well-coordinated, and reasonably measured for effectiveness.

The Chief Operating Officer has the authority and responsibility to ensure that all systems, processes, protocols, planning, and policies are executed across the breadth of the organization, including ministry areas.

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Youth Director

The Youth Director’s primary responsibility is to lead outreach efforts to new students who are not yet Christians or church attenders and to oversee the spiritual growth and pastoral care of the middle school and high school students within the Central community, under the direction of the Executive Pastor and the Senior Pastor. By cultivating meaningful relationships, modeling a life of Christian faithfulness, fostering biblical worship and teaching, and engaging in gospel mission, the Youth Director encourages students to grow in their knowledge and experience of Christ’s love and demonstrates how to live their lives in grateful response to his grace. The Youth Director prioritizes relationship-building and community-formation with middle and high school students; develops and executes age-appropriate programs, curricula, games, events, retreats, camp experiences, and service opportunities; provides support and care to students and their parents; identifies, recruits, trains, and evaluates volunteers; collaborates and communicates with parents, volunteer leaders, church staff, and ministry partners; and manages the youth ministry budget.

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