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Youth Director

Hours worked: Full-time position with benefits

Date: May 23, 2023

The Youth Director’s primary responsibility is to lead outreach efforts to new students who are not yet Christians or church attenders and to oversee the spiritual growth and pastoral care of the middle school and high school students within the Central community, under the direction of the Executive Pastor and the Senior Pastor. By cultivating meaningful relationships, modeling a life of Christian faithfulness, fostering biblical worship and teaching, and engaging in gospel mission, the Youth Director encourages students to grow in their knowledge and experience of Christ’s love and demonstrates how to live their lives in grateful response to his grace. The Youth Director prioritizes relationship-building and community-formation with middle and high school students; develops and executes age-appropriate programs, curricula, games, events, retreats, camp experiences, and service opportunities; provides support and care to students and their parents; identifies, recruits, trains, and evaluates volunteers; collaborates and communicates with parents, volunteer leaders, church staff, and ministry partners; and manages the youth ministry budget.

Main Responsibilities

Program Oversight

  • Develop and oversee all middle school and high school programs, curricula, games, events, retreats, camp experiences, and service opportunities, under the direction of the Executive Pastor and the Senior Pastor.
  • Facilitate worship, prayer, bible study, fellowship, and mission and service by planning, organizing, and leading a: 
    • Weekly Sunday School Class for (1) middle school students and (2) high school students;
    • Bi-Weekly Youth Group Meeting for (1) middle school students and (2) high school students (expected to expand to a weekly meeting in light of anticipated growth);
    • Bi-Monthly Event, Activity, or Service Opportunity for (1) middle school students and (2) high school students (e.g. ice-skating, bowling, laser tag, rock-climbing, Halloween party, Christmas party, Super Bowl party, amusement park, beach trip, ski trip, hiking, camping, serving the Bowery Mission, etc.);
    • Semi-Annual Retreat for (1) middle school students and (2) high school students;
    • Annual Camp Experience for 1) middle school students and (2) high school students, in partnership with FOCUS, RYM (Reformed Youth Ministries), and/or Young Life;
    • Bi-Annual Summer Service or Mission Trip for (1) middle school students and (2) high school students, which exposes them to poverty and other social issues and helps the students process challenges theologically (expected to expand to an annual trip in light of anticipated growth); and
    • Regular Opportunity for Additional Bible Study and Prayer for interested students.

  • Help develop excellent, age-appropriate, gospel-centered curricula with a comprehensive scope and sequence under the direction and guidance of the Executive Pastor and the Senior Pastor.

  • Develop and lead an annual Communicants/Confirmation class for middle school students.

  • Identify, recruit, train, and evaluate a group of student leaders to assist with the ministry through a Student Leadership Team.

  • Help train and equip students to develop a biblical worldview and a passion for reaching out to others with the message of Jesus by introducing the students to basic apologetics and relational evangelism;

  • Develop initiatives and programs to grow and expand the ministry.

  • Administer the youth ministry budget, submit annual budget requests on behalf of youth ministry, and plan for future growth and expenses.

  • Manage youth ministry space, furniture, equipment, and supplies to ensure safety and cleanliness.

Community Building

  • Foster meaningful relationships within the youth group, between students, between students and volunteers, between students and the Youth Director, and among students and the larger church body.

  • Work with other staff and congregants to identify, recruit, train, and evaluate volunteer leaders for high school and middle school students from among the members of Central, ensuring theological and missional alignment and the health and safety of the youth at all times.

  • Develop and execute a plan to engage in outreach and evangelism to students who are not yet Christians or church attenders.

  • Seek new opportunities to draw in new students and families from the neighborhood.

  • Develop relationships and creative partnerships with FOCUS, RYM (Reformed Youth Ministries), and Young Life.

  • Develop relationships with Central’s mission partners including the Bowery Mission and Safe Families for Children.

  • Seek new opportunities to serve the needs of individuals and families within the Central community, such as isolated elderly members in need of friendship and care or children in need of tutoring.

  • Attend weekly staff meetings and contribute collaboratively to the staff team.

Relationships and Communications

  • Pursue, mentor, and build relationships with students through at least 8 one-to-one, one-to-two, or small group meetings per week, not including regular programming, before or after school or over the weekend.

  • Attend at least 1 student sporting event or extra-curricular activity per week.

  • Pray regularly with and for students and their families.

  • Provide pastoral care to students and their families during times of urgent need, crisis, or bereavement.

  • Model authentic faith in Jesus through the joys and challenges of life.

  • Welcome new students with a priority on evangelism and pursuing those who are new to church.

  • Equip parents to provide for the spiritual nurture of their children.

  • Participate actively in the life and mission of Central. 

  • Build trusting relationships with students and their families in order to embrace them into the life and mission of the church.

  • Communicate and create opportunities for students to serve the church and the wider community.

  • Manage the youth ministry events calendar, coordinate scheduling, and provide clear, accurate, and timely communication with parents, volunteers, church staff, and ministry partners in close collaboration with the Communications team.

  • Promote youth ministry programs through regular email campaigns, webpage development, media content development, banners and signs, and personal communication in close collaboration with the Communications team.


  • An enthusiastic desire to serve in youth ministry as evidenced by a love for students and a gift for encouraging them to grow in their relationship with Jesus and serve his kingdom purposes.

  • An evangelistic heart and a passion for sharing the gospel with others.

  • An ability to maintain confidentiality as appropriate and steward church resources responsibly.

  • Professional experience working with students in a Christian ministry context.

  • A strong work ethic and an ability to carry out the various responsibilities of the position.

  • An understanding of and commitment to the basic convictions of reformed theology as expressed in the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms.

  • An understanding of and commitment to the vision and values and the philosophy of ministry of Central.

Skills and Experiences

  • Ability to effectively teach and apply a Christ-centered approach to Scripture to students at various developmental levels.

  • Familiarity with resources for equipping families and volunteers.

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills and well-developed event planning skills.

  • Ability to successfully plan, lead, and execute (or delegate) group games and icebreakers.

  • Ability to recruit and develop a team of student leaders and volunteers.

Expectations of All Central Staff

  • A personal and growing commitment to Jesus as Lord and Savior in reliance upon his grace.

  • A commitment to the authority of Scripture and to a lifestyle that befits a follower of Jesus.

  • A willingness to work within the framework of the church’s leadership structure and procedures.

  • A willing heart, teachable spirit, and positive attitude.

  • A team ministry commitment which places the good of the whole over individual goals.

  • An ability to work collaboratively with staff and volunteers.

  • A focus on maintaining proper priorities and boundaries in one’s personal and family life.

  • A dedication to integrity, humility, flexibility, and a sense of humor.

  • A commitment to personally support the work of the church through financial gifts and prayer.

  • A passion for excellence for the glory of God.

Reporting Relationships

  • Reports at least weekly to the Executive Pastor and quarterly to the Senior Pastor.

  • Attends weekly church staff meetings.

  • Meets regularly with volunteers to provide encouragement, direction, and feedback.

  • Works collaboratively with the Communications team to manage all communications with the congregation, especially with students and their parents.

  • Works collaboratively with the elders and parents responsible for liaising with the youth ministry.


  • Medical, dental and vision plan

  • 403(b) retirement plan

  • 20 days of vacation per year

Qualified applicants are invited to submit a cover letter and resume online.