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    Discussion Questions

    1. According to Romans 3.28, what role do our "good works" play in our standing before God?  What then are the "wrong kind" of good works?
    2. How does justification by faith alone exclude pride, prejudice, and permissiveness and instill humility, unity, and integrity?
    3. What are the right kind of good works?  How should we understand the proper role of good works within the Christian life in order to avoid either a "catholic distortion" (faith + good works = salvation) or a "protestant distortion" (faith = salvation - good works) of the gospel?
    4. How do Luther's analogies of a burning and shining fire, a good tree, and two lovers reveal the proper relationship between faith and good works as being inseparable, inevitable, and instinctive?
    5. If you claim to be a Christian, how would you evaluate the fruit of your life?  According to John 6.28-29, what is the "best kind" of work?  Why does this make all the difference?