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    Discussion Questions

    1. How would you describe Martin Luther's "breakthrough" regarding Romans 1.17? Why was this such an important insight and, in his mind, "the central hinge upon which the whole gospel turns"?
    2. "The righteousness of God" is a rich biblical concept. How is it helpful to understand it as 1) a divine attribute that God possesses, 2) a divine action that God performs, and 3) a divine gift that God bestows?  
    3. How does Luther's analogy of a bride and groom help explain "the great exchange" that Paul describes in 2 Corinthians 5.21? In what ways is justification far greater than mere forgiveness?
    4. How does justification change the way you relate to God, to others, and even to yourself? How might my life be different if I fully believed this? Why do we need to keep hearing this again and again?