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Chief Operating Officer

Hours worked: Full-time position with benefits

Reports to: Senior Pastor

Date: February 2, 2024

Central Presbyterian Church is seeking an experienced, energetic, and skillful Chief Operating Officer who has a passion for serving the church and advancing the mission of both Central Church and its newly launched initiative, Resound Project. The preferred candidate has substantial senior leadership experience in corporate settings and possesses the relevant knowledge, drive, and judgment to plan and accomplish the strategic goals of a complex, multi-dimensional organization in a demanding, fast-paced environment. In addition, the ideal candidate possesses in-depth, hands-on entrepreneurial experience overseeing the development of a high-growth entity into a sizeable operation, having managed several critical inflection points during different phases of the entity’s history. Extensive knowledge of not-for-profit organizations through board or leadership experiences would be a plus.

The Chief Operating Officer will play a key leadership role in the execution and oversight of:

  • All operations of Central Church, subject to the guidance and direction of the Central Church Senior Pastor, with the goal that Central’s growing ministries will be properly executed and implemented, well-coordinated, and reasonably measured for effectiveness. 
  • The above to include Central’s Resound Project, subject to the guidance and direction of the Resound Project’s President, with the goal that Resound Project’s multi-faceted initiatives will be properly executed and implemented, well-coordinated, and reasonably measured for effectiveness.

The Chief Operating Officer has the authority and responsibility to ensure that all systems, processes, protocols, planning, and policies are executed across the breadth of the organization, including ministry areas.

Main Responsibilities

Job Description

The primary responsibility of the Chief Operating Officer is to translate the missions and visions of Central Church and its Resound Project into effectively functioning operations. The expectation is that the Chief Operating Officer’s time will be divided roughly 50/50 between Central Church generally and Resound Project specifically. 

Internally, the Chief Operating Officer will support the Senior Pastor and will provide oversight to the staff with respect to strategic planning, program execution, administration, finance, development, communications, facilities management, human resources, information technology, and general operations, subject to the direction of the Central Church Senior Pastor, the Central Elders and Trustees, and the President of Resound Project. One particularly important part of the Chief Operating Officer’s role will be leadership development of the entire staff as a means of supporting high and increasing performance and career advancement. Externally, the Chief Operating Officer will engage with Resound Leadership Gathering participants, Resound donors, and Resound’s growing network of pastors and church leaders, thought leaders, and other constituents. An essential element of the job will be setting and pursuing priorities for the development, maturity, and growth of Central Church and its Resound Project.

General Responsibilities (Common to Both Central Church and its Resound Project)

  • Set a culture of service, excellence, integrity, creativity, and innovation, supported by effective communications and team-building, all modeled by the Chief Operating Officer.
  • Develop and annually update one-year and five-year strategic plans for Central and its Resound Project, in conjunction with Central’s Senior Pastor, the President of the Resound Project, Central’s Elders and Trustees, and the governance body of Resound Project.
  • Ongoing organization design, definition, and execution of operations, and development of a framework of metrics with which to assess effectiveness and rebalance the organization and operations as needed.
  • Oversight and implementation of financial processes which guarantee the solvency and stability of the organization and which ensure the organization’s external reporting requirements, all in a framework of effective financial controls.
  • Oversee all Human Resources activities leading to attractive compensation and benefits programs, healthy culture, development opportunities for teammates, and fair processes for team members to provide feedback on the organization and their experience. 
  • Ensure the implementation of effective internal and external communication strategies for both Central Church and its Resound Project, including supporting Central’s Senior Pastor and the Resound Project President with external communications and public relations, as needed.
  • Oversee the design and execution of core operating platforms including Central’s physical buildings and infrastructure, computing and communications hardware, and systems and software, including third-party software platforms. 
  • Lead an ongoing and perpetual process of risk assessment leading to effective risk minimization and mitigation strategies. Included in this will be an annual presentation of a risk registry which identifies and sizes the principal risk categories facing Central and its Resound Project.

Additional Specific Resound Project Responsibilities

  • Leadership Gatherings/Donor Events
    • Oversee the successful implementation of Leadership Gatherings and donor events hosted by Resound Project, executed primarily through the Development and Events team.
  • Emerging Leaders Programs
    • Oversee the successful implementation (including recruitment, development of curricula, and implementation of curricula) of the Emerging Leaders Programs (including the Pastoral Residency program, the Ministry Internship program, the Fellowship program, and the College Internship program), executed primarily through the Program Director.
  • Library of Resources
    • Oversee the successful expansion and cultivation of the Library of Resources, executed primarily through the Senior Director of Strategic Development and Communications.
  • Coaching Program
    • Oversee the successful development and implementation of the Coaching Program, including the recruitment, vetting, training, and oversight of seasoned ministry leaders to serve as mentors to fellow pastors. 
  • Special Project Leadership
    • Lead and execute special projects in partnership with the Resound President and the Resound Advisory Board.
  • Fundraising
    • Engage in personal and ongoing networking to complement the Resound President’s fundraising efforts.
    • Support the Resound President’s fundraising efforts, executed primarily through the Development team.


Expectations of All Central Church and Resound Project Staff

  • A personal and growing commitment to Jesus as Lord and Savior in reliance upon his grace.
  • A commitment to the authority of Scripture and to a lifestyle that befits a follower of Jesus.
  • A willingness to work within the framework of the church’s polity and procedures.
  • A willing heart, teachable spirit, positive attitude, flexible nature, and a sense of humor.
  • A team ministry commitment which places the good of the whole over individual goals.
  • An ability to work collaboratively with staff and volunteers.
  • A focus on maintaining proper priorities and boundaries in one’s personal and family life.
  • A dedication to Central’s staff values of excellence, integrity, humility, courage, and creativity.
  • A commitment to personally support the work of the church through financial gifts and prayer.
  • A passion for excellence for the glory of God.

Qualified candidates are encouraged to submit a resume and cover letter.